Hairs With Love

‘Hairs with love’ which is pure hair that has not been processed chemically and is referred to as ‘virgin hair’.  This hair is donated by high school girls and from men and women from all around the world who have virgin hair.  We receive hair from all races, mixed-race hair, afro hair, Indian, European, Chinese, in other words all hair types.  A Few Grey Hairs manufacture ‘Hairs with Love’ tape extensions and wigs from this hair.

‘Hairs With Love Wigs or Halos’ can bring families and friends together.  Everyone involved can donate a tiny ponytail of their hair which then gets combined and made up into something more than a wig but a gesture of love and support.

We launched the ‘Hairs With Love’ campaign in 2018 which provides a platform for the hair donors of virgin hair to give their hair with the intention of sharing their love with other women, who have lost their own hair.  Each hair donor receives a coloured tassel in the colours of your countries flag in recognition of each tiny ponytail of hair donated.  If you know someone or if you have lost your hair from an auto-immune disease or from chemotherapy treatment;  a ‘Hair Party’ can be held in your honour, either on Skype, Zoom or in your garden or in ours; as we accommodate life after Covid19.  You can receive a massive discount, or a free wig depending on how many hair extensions you sell at your party.  If you are having a wedding or a school dance you too can host a party, and bless someone through our ‘Hairs With Love Campaign’ which offers a free synthetic or human hair wig or head covering of some kind.


‘Hairs with Love’ hair extensions donate 35% of its profit to the ‘Hairs with Love Campaign’ which is where these funds are used to provide women and children with a free wig or head covering.  If you are interested, we can discuss further how the discounts are calculated.

Sarah Chu is wearing a wig made specially by A Few Grey Hairs for her by donated hair from the community.


  • Angela Human

    My name is Angela Human and my cancer journey started on mother’s day this year when I found a lump in my breast.  I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer not long after that.  Obviously I was devastated. I had to now go through chemo treatment and all the scary side effects that you hear of and the worst was having to see my loved ones so worried about me. 


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  • Heather Barnard

    My journey with cancer began 2 years ago when my then 5 year old daughter was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in her abdomen.  Our world was shattered.  I truly believe she is protected by Guardian angels as even the paediatric surgeon was astounded that we had detected it.  It was the longest month of our lives, but the outcome has been positive, it was successfully removed through surgery and our regular checkups have remained clear.

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