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Hairs With Love

Hairs With Love is a campaign to provide human hair wigs to people suffering from Cancer, Autoimmune Diseases and Trichotillomania. With medical bills being what they are not everyone can afford a wig. The Hairs With Love Campaign allows our recipients to receive a free wig made with donated hair or their very own hair. Please watch our videos to find out more and don't forget to Like and Subscribe to our page to stay up to date with the latest news and videos.

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Hairs With Love Halo's

To learn more about our Halo's please click on one of the following YouTube links:

Double Halo is fitted by Delia made from European hair.

Human hair Halo extension manufactured from donated hair

Halo's Specially Made For You

What do we do with your donated hair?

Hairs With Love Halo's

Harvesting Hair For Donation

Learn How to Harvest Hair For Donation

You have the ability to change someone's life by donating a little of your own, friends, or family member's hair towards a Hairs With Love Wig. Learn how to harvest your hair the right way by watching these easy step by step tutorials on YouTube.

How to harvest your own hair in preparation to donate it.

How to harvest hair - Short Version

Saint Stithians Girls College - Donating Hair

Caring For A Human Hair Wig

How To Take Care of Your Wig

Caring for your wig is essential, in the following video's Delia walks you through the process of caring for your human hair wig in an easy to follow YouTube video tutorial. Please click on the following YouTube links to learn more.

How to wash and condition a 'Hairs With Love' (human hair wig) Part 1

How to flat iron your 'Hairs With Love" (human hair wig) Part 2

How to wash and condition a 'Hairs With Love' (human hair wig) Part 1

Chemotherapy Wigs & Support

Chemotherapy and hair loss...
Everything you need to know!

Hair loss caused by chemotherapy is difficult to go through, in the following videos we see how a Hairs With Love wig has helped and been something amazing to those suffering from Cancer. Please click on the following links to see more.

Follow the True Stories of Our Recipients

Lisa Venter receives a financially sponsored wig from donated hair.

Lexi Makhouf receives a financially sponsored wig from donated hair.

Claire Stoop receives her wig made up from her own hair.

Hairs With Love Campaign inspires Kanego Mashigo to donate afro hair

Kanego Mashigo is interviewed about growing his hair for donating.

Boo's Journey

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Hair loss from Chemotherapy

Follow the True Stories of Our Recipients

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