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Liz Dashwood was born in England as Elizabeth Zoie May.  Liz qualified as a hairdresser in South Africa and worked with Eric Storm where she was taught the skill of wigs and hairdressing with wiglets.  She married Mike who she worked along side with, at their start up business called Mike and Liz Hairpieces for 32 years.  Liz build a reputation for herself in the industry for the creative art of hairdressing, wig making and theatre wig styling.  

Liz and I have worked together in the industry for 30 years but started up officially on our own in 2013 as ‘A Few Grey Hairs’.  

Liz continued her career using her creativity and compassion for tailor making a wide range fo items for our clientele with hair loss.   Here are just a few of the her wig up styles and a few of her hand made moustaches and closures.  Liz has worked on movie sets for example ‘cry my beloved country,’ and many others

Her theatrical wigs have been used in theatres throughout the country. And the exciting adventures that the advertising world took her on, which tested her creativity.

Liz has a kind gentle manner which comforts everyone she comes in contact with.  Liz’s devotion and contribution to the community of people with hair loss has been a tremendous effort, support and successes.  She is my mother and hero and it has been a privilege having worked together for more than 30 years.  Liz and I have created magic together making and creating so many things for our clientele during this time and I look forward to many more years in the future. 


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Email: afewgreyhairs@gmail.com
Liz: 082 465 1413
Delia: 082 465 7075
11-8th street, linden, Johannesburg

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